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Desert in Dark

Everything i wanted

Our First Official Release

In Early 2020, we signed on to perform an intimate Acoustic set in Hollywood. We took on the show with the intent to present a lot of our music in a much more vulnerable place; stripping down a lot of our soundscapes to fit much more of a coffee shop or NPR environment. During the preparation of the show, Billie Eilish's "everything i wanted" was in heavy rotation, and it was supposed to be added to the show's setlist. 


While COVID-19 unfortunately delayed that show experience for the time being, the song managed to stick with us; quickly becoming a unifying force for the new phase of the band. Joshua Grattan had just joined us on Drums, and we began working together to figure out ways to approach the song - Recording parts and emailing each other for updates, all the while having weekly zoom calls to talk about the song, the band, and living as friends from a distance. 


Over the past year, we've managed to work on a lot of new music that we are very excited to share, but for the time being, please enjoy our cover of Billie Eilish's "everything i wanted."

Other Releases

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