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Not Again - Alex Dante

Alex Dante's First Solo Release

After a long year in 2020, Dante decided to finally release some solo music while Code Silver's Projects were still in the oven. "Not Again" may be Dante's first solo single, however, it had help from the rest of Code Silver as well.

"It's easy (especially right now) to feel tied up, or bogged down with how quarantine can weigh on you. Add this to some relationship troubles and a relentlessly turbulent world right now, and before you know it, you become absolutely sick of all of it.


This track was a way out for me, and calls back to my honest frustrations in adolescence that I explored through pop-punk music in high school. Ironic enough now, as we have all been grounded over the past year. Whether you feel the same or not, Thank you for taking the time to check out this song." 

-Alex Dante


Written and Performed by Alex Dante 

(Guitar, Bass, Synths, Vocals, Production)

Mixed and Engineered by Michael Cortez

Drums by Joshua Grattan

Mastering by Orion Rogers

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